Sustainable Energy Leads to Sustainable Budgets

Cenergistic Inc has over three decades of experience helping school districts and universities save both energy and money. With average client savings of 26% annually, it is clear that Cenergistic is an expert in their field. Not only do they cut client costs to help put money back into the education system, but they also work to reduce our energy waste and conserve natural resources.

Energy conservation and sustainability is a hot-button topic now on many college campuses. With up to tens of thousands of students, faculty, and staff living and working in a concentrated environment, university campuses consume a significant amount of energy each year. By applying the energy conservation tactics that Cenergistic has honed and developed for decades, schools can notably cut down on costs and save millions of dollars.

College and university campuses aren’t the only educational organizations in need of savings. With many public schools facing threats of budget cuts for important developmental programs for their students, saving money is a priority. One school district in Pitt County, North Carolina, was able to save over a quarter-million dollars in just one school year after partnering with Cenergistic’s energy conservation and management program. For a district with a $5 million budget, savings of 7% of the entire budget is an astounding feat. Pitt County plans to stay enrolled in the program for the next calendar year to continue saving money for their students.

Pitt County isn’t the only district that Cenergistic Inc has helped; since 2000, the company has earned ENERGY STAR certifications for over 4,500 client buildings and saved clients over $3 billion in the past 25 years. Formerly Energy Education, Inc, Cenergistic has now branched out to include other clients beyond school districts and universities after their programs’ great successes.