Five Tips to Retrofit Your Building to Be More Energy Efficient

Retrofitting your building to be more energy efficient is not only for those that are concerned about protecting the environment. It could help greatly in cutting your monthly costs. There are so many ways in which you could retrofit your ESRT building in order to conserve energy. Here are a few tips.

Home Insulation
Insulate your walls, attics, ceiling, windows and doors so that you keep air in and out, depending on the season. Insulating your apartment or home will help keep warm air in during the cold seasons. Also, during the summer season, the insulation will help keep the warm air outside so that you need minimum air conditioning for you to keep your home cool. This is vital in saving energy costs.

Upgrade your Building using Energy-efficient Equipment
Save some money and replace your home equipment using energy star items. You might disregard this for costing you a significant amount in purchasing. But, in the real sense this will save you thousands of money every year, in terms of energy costs.

Thermostat Installation
These could save you a lot of money every day. Install a thermostat that is programmable. This way, you can program it to lower the thermostat when you do not have anyone around. The thermostat can them up the thermostat when you and your family are at home. With this, you will notice a significant decrease in your energy costs.

Take advantage of Natural Light
The best and most efficient way of conserving energy in your building is by taking advantage of the natural light. Make sure that the curtains are drawn during the day so you don’t have to use electricity. Also, upgrade your windows such that they let in maximum light. In addition, you can clear the clutter that obstructs maximum light from getting in through your windows.

Duct Installation and Simulation
The ducts should work to ensure that hot and cold air are delivered to and fro your building. Therefore, ensuring that they perform as expected will help a lot in saving the amount of energy used in your building every day.

Energy-Efficient Skyscrapers in New York
In this regard, the Empire State Building is a trendsetter. The building has double operable windows and energy-efficient cooling systems that help reduce energy usage in the building. This skyscraper has welcomed celebrities Adam Scott and Ashanti. The New York Times Building is also one of most energy-efficient skyscrapers in New York. The building uses dimmable energy-efficient lighting. Also, the building has a ceramic rod that shields it away from direct lighting. This is important in reducing energy required in cooling. Alain Robert is one of the famous people who visited this building.

Bottom Line
By retrofitting your building in the following ways, you might find that you will not even need air conditioning in your home most of the time. Take the big step today and retrofit your home son that you don’t have to be weighed down by electricity bills tomorrow.