Energy Star Partner of the Year

Cenergistic is a company that was founded in Texas and is a company that dedicates itself to helping schools, churches, community colleges, universities, and even health care facilities to lower the amount of energy used and therefore save the facility large sums of money that can be put toward other areas instead of paying unnecessary and expensive bills for natural gas, water, oil, or other forms of energy. Cenergistic services schools and other facilities in New York, Alabama, Texas, Michigan, and many other states. They combine technology with data to provide services that save companies, facilities, and organizations thousands of dollars every year. They have been in business for over thirty years. Over the years they have helped their clients save an average of twenty-six percent of what they spend in utilities so that they can put those funds back into the facility, students, patients, and clients that they service.
Cenergistic has already established contracted services with the Baldwin County School System and has already reduced their utility charges by two million in just a little over one year. They often hire four trained employees to visit the locations of all the schools within the district to ensure that the staff and students are saving energy. When a waste of energy is discovered Cenergistic will either help both staff and students to develop habits to prevent the energy waste or find a technological solution to the problem.
Cenergistic also will install sensors, such as thermal monitors, to keep track of the energy usage of the facility or facilities if the client has more than one location. They then analyze the best possible solution to the energy problem and come up with a solution based upon their data. They also track the progress of said solution to ensure the maximum results and produce future energy saving solutions.
Alabama’s own Mobile County School board decided to establish its own contract with Cenergistic. In 2012 alone Cenergistic provided their services for over 790 facilities and helped those clients to reduce their bills by over $349 million dollars.
Cenergistic received the ENERGY STAR partner of the year award for their performance on the job and their client’s more than satisfactory savings at the end of the year. Over a period of twenty-five years they have saved their clients a combined total of well over three billion dollars in utility charges.