Empire State Building’s green initiative – who’s in charge

The American iconic Empire State Building is learning a new twenty first century trick. When architect William F. Lamb designed the building in the 1920s in just two weeks he surely could not have imagined that eighty years later it would be the tallest LEED building in the United States. However, in today’s world conscientiousness of environmental stewardship it has not escaped this debate. In fact, its sustainability as an energy efficient entity depends on the flexibility held by the structure’s fundamental design. Currently, the Empire State Realty Trust manages the Empire State building and Anthony Malkin is the Chairman, Chief Executive Office, and President. His role is to ensure the vision started with the initiative to go green not only is realized but continues to set trends along the way.

In 2009, President Bill Clinton, New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg and W&H Properties’ Empire State Building (ESB) revealed to the world a cost effective energy modification for the existing structure that would reduce its energy usage and minimize its carbon footprint. The leadership of Tony Malkin facilitated the new initiative as it dealt with the main thrust of the environmental debate in a succinct and innovative way. The tenants reaped the direct and immediate benefits of the tangible changes which saved them operating costs in to the thousands of dollars annually.

According to the Empire State Realty Trust website,“these tenants include over a thousand businesses such as Shutterstock, Coty, Bulova and LinkedIn just to name a few. Additionally, it reports the new retrofits for the existing structure have saved up to fifty percent of the total building energy usage. This outstanding achievement has earned the Empire State Building an Energy Star rating of 80 which puts it in the top twenty percent of all buildings.” The iconic structure began setting trends in the twentieth century and continues to hold that title by flexing its environmental muscle in the twenty first century.

Anthony Malkin continues to diligently spearhead the actions necessary to maintain the synergy of the old and new Empire State Building by pressing the environmental envelope even further. As reported on the website Green Roof Outfitters, “in 2011 the Empire State Building further strengthened its sustainability efforts by announcing the use of one hundred percent wind power, becoming New York’s largest commercial purchaser of renewable energy. They go further by stating that the structure’s energy sustainability initiative saved thirty eight percent more at a cost of over $4.4 million annually.”

The environmental facelift or makeover of the Empire State Building once called one of the eight wonders of the world and the tallest building in the world has demonstrated the possibilities for other historical landmarks to follow suit. However, beyond this, with Tony Malkin at the helm the world will continue to watch what this world gem will come up with next as it remains relevant.