Empire State Building Leader in Energy Efficiency and Environmental Sustainability

Over the past several years, the Empire State Building’s owner Tony Malkin, http://www.linkedin.com/in/tonymalkin president of Malkin Holdings, has exemplified his pioneerism in bringing profitable energy efficiency to mainstream and commercial realty. Four years ago, Malkin worked to preserve an iconic 80-year-old building while bringing about a cutting-edge retrofit to cut energy consumption by 38 percent.

The upgrades consisted of 6,514 double-paned, double-hung windows, modernized boilers, insulating radiators and configuring elevators to use 30% less energy and send excess back into the building’s grid. Now, the art-deco landmark has beat expectations by saving $2.3 million last year on energy costs and even more the year before, making this is year the second consecutive one that the building’s energy savings have exceeded expectations and significantly cut costs, and we can look forward to many more. Additionally, the innovations have attracted new energy-conscious tenants, including LinkedIn and Shutterstock, and allow all  tenants, new and old, to track their energy use through a web-based management system.

Buildings attribute to around 80% of New York’s carbon emissions and 40% total in the nation. The Empire State Building now serves as a benchmark in the industry and as an example for other endeavors. In fact, Malkin said that the retrofitting is intended to be a model and to “please rip us off.” If other buildings in the city follow Tony Malkin’s lead, carbon emissions will be cut drastically, transitioning the entire nation to a clean energy economy.