Developments in Green Energy in 2014

Green Energy has become more than a catch phrase and is being taken more seriously than some who may have simply thought it was politically correct to be considered a supporter of “green energy.” However, 2014 is bringing us to a realization point that our world’s reliance on fossil fuels is on the down swing and a once inexhaustible resource is clearly running out. Additionally, the impact of changed weather patterns is revealing that global warming is real and the costs and how it will affect our lives moving forward will be tremendous.

Recent events in the Crimea also are revealing the global dynamic energy plays in geo political affairs of the world. The uncertainty of what Russia will do and how the actions in the Crimea will affect global markets as well as energy markets has played havoc in the world’s economies.

Many expect an increased focus on green energy developments in 2014. Wind power is playing an increasing role and the auto industry is presenting more and more energy efficient and dual energy vehicles. While not a populus choice yet by the masses, the wind and auto industry has proven that the technology exits for alternative energy choices to fossil fuels.

Even major global powers, both private as well as public, recognize that the country that can fully develop green energy to the benefit of the masses of its population will be able to better withstand the resulting global upheaval from an event which would disrupt the flow of oil, gas and other fossil fuel products.

We now see green technology almost as common place in the design and construction of buildings, both residential as well as commercial. These new innovative green buildings carry with them detailed certification as to the ability of the design of the building to save and use energy efficiently. This helps to create a place in the common thought and actions of the masses as how energy efficiency in the design and use of everything that we do is important.

We are also seeing a great number of students graduating from high school and college, who are more green savvy in their day to day lives. This positive peer pressure helps influences behavioral patterns of other students who in turn embed this thinking to their everyday approach in life.