Celebrating Hydraulic Fracturing’s 65th Birthday this Year

2014 marks the 65th birthday of the widely used drilling method, hydraulic fracturing. Hydraulic fracturing has changed and forever revolutionized the oil and gas industry. In addition, it has given communities the opportunity to further expand their drilling and oil fields. This would never have been possible if it were not for the invention of fracturing.

In short, hydraulic fracturing is a process that breaks down rocks by highly pressurized liquids. The liquid is normally water or gasoline, but it can be substituted depending on the process at hand. The end goal is to extract and produce gas and oil in a safe way without harming the environment. The rocks are crushed in a way so that there is no excess liquid permeating out of the holes. Thus, oil and gas have been harvested more efficiently and easily over the past 65 years than ever before.

As oil companies expand their reach it is important that the drilling sector becomes as safe as possible. If it were not for all the experimentation in this revolutionary new concept 65 years ago, then the oil and gas industry might not be where it is today. Hydraulic fracturing changed the world for the better 65 years ago, and the oil and gas industry will only continue to get better from here on out.

A company that has successfully used hydraulic fracturing is independent oil and gas producer, Cunningham Energy located in Charleston, West Virginia. Cunningham Energy works hard to keep the oil industry in the United States safe and prosperous. The company was founded six years ago as an oil exploration team focused on providing area oil locations with the help they needed from producing to exploring. Cunningham Energy has become an essential part of the local economy because it creates jobs and a viable economy that is lucrative to the vitality of the state and country.

The basins supported by Cunningham Energy include the Appalachian, Illinois, and Williston Basins. As a result of their expertise and hydraulic fracturing, the areas have grown and developed into prosperous communities. The company works hard to provide a West Virginia with the representation they need to create a dynamic oil and gas industry that is both responsible and effective.