• The new age of energy

    Hydraulic fracturing, or fracking is becoming one of the largest reasons for Americas energy revolution. Fracking has been in commercial use for over 65 years and now it has changed the U.S. energy situation into

  • Landmark Fracking Study Finds No Water Pollution

    The Department of Energy report, released Monday, was the first time an energy company allowed independent monitoring of a drilling site during the fracking process and for 18 months afterward. After those months of monitoring, researchers found that the chemical-laced fluids used to free gas stayed about 5,000 feet below drinking water supplies.

  • Drilling for Oil to Fuel the U.S. Economy

    Fracking and horizontal drilling are both technologically advanced methods which can be and have been used to great success. Companies like Cunningham Energy http://www.oilandgasawards.com/judge/cunningham-energy-ryan-e-m-cunningham-principal-and-operating-partner/, whose ethics, resources and understanding of these methods have created a new ‘boom’ in the oil and gas market, will continue to support America’s growing demand for its’ natural resources.

  • Drilling Techniques for Oil and Gas Wells

    Some more advanced companies like Cunningham Energy use newer, state-of-the-art drilling techniques such as horizontal drilling to extract more natural resources without greatly impacting the environment.

  • The Employment And Economic Consequences Of Fracking Bans

    The controversial process of fracking has become a major source of public concern in the last few years, with nations around the world banning the process and individual counties in many US states instigating their