• Benefits of Natural gas as an Energy Source

    Over the years more and more people are becoming aware of the cost of operating vehicles on today’s highways. This is particularly a problem with companies that operate fleet vehicles. As a result, natural gas,

  • Going Green: One Skyscraper at a Time

    Surprisingly, New York ranks number one in the country reducing energy and increasing efficiency thanks to the city-sponsored LEED Certification. Over the past few years, dozens of hospitals, office buildings, universities and residential units have

  • Sustainable Energy Leads to Sustainable Budgets

    Cenergistic Inc has over three decades of experience helping school districts and universities save both energy and money. With average client savings of 26% annually, it is clear that Cenergistic is an expert in their

  • Empire State Building’s green initiative – who’s in charge

    However, in today’s world conscientiousness of environmental stewardship it has not escaped this debate. In fact, its sustainability as an energy efficient entity depends on the flexibility held by the structure’s fundamental design. Currently, the Empire State Realty Trust manages the Empire State building and Anthony Malkin is the Chairman, Chief Executive Office, and President. His role is to ensure the vision started with the initiative to go green not only is realized but continues to set trends along the way.

  • Energy Star Partner of the Year

    Cenergistic is a company that was founded in Texas and is a company that dedicates itself to helping schools, churches, community colleges, universities, and even health care facilities to lower the amount of energy used and therefore save the facility large sums of money that can be put toward other areas instead of paying unnecessary and expensive bills for natural gas, water, oil, or other forms of energy.

  • Cutting Energy Costs

    Everyone wants to save money, but no one thinks about the easiest way that can be done; through cutting energy costs. The average consumer wastes huge amounts of energy, from leaving a light in a

  • Conserving Energy and Cash

    With the ever growing population and demand for natural resources individuals must become increasingly aware of their individual impact on the world. Preserving these irreplaceable products is critical to the protection of the environment for

  • 100% of Power for Vermont City Now Renewable

    Vermont’s largest city has a new success to add to its list of socially conscious achievements: 100 percent of its electricity now comes from renewable sources such as wind, water, and biomass.