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Boosting the Demand for Solar Energy

From Forbes.com: How can solar become the largest source of electricity in the world one day? The International Energy Agency released two reports on Monday to tell you how. The two reports outline the technology improvements

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The reality of the situation in these modern times is everyone is “going green”, and for good reason. The environment shows so many signs of neglect and decline that most of us want to be

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Empire State Building’s Green Initiative – Who’s In Charge

However, in today’s world conscientiousness of environmental stewardship it has not escaped this debate. In fact, its sustainability as an energy efficient entity depends on the flexibility held by the structure’s fundamental design. Currently, the Empire State Realty Trust manages the Empire State building and Anthony Malkin is the Chairman, Chief Executive Office, and President. His role is to ensure the vision started with the initiative to go green not only is realized but continues to set trends along the way.